Local New Jersey band and Philadelphia favorite, Bon Jovi garners a lot of support from this area.

Some best-known songs: Livin' on a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name, Wanted: Dead or Alive

Tournament HistoryEdit

Current record: 12-7

Can you imagine where Bon Jovi would be if Metallica didn't exist? Not counting their 2010 round loss to upstart Iron Maiden, they had won up until reaching Metallica every year...except the one year Metallica lost in the 80's bracket, at which point BJ won the division!

2006 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 5

2007 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 4

  • Round 4: Win vs (2) U2

2008 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 4

  • Round 1: Win vs (13) REM

2009 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 4

2010 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 8

2011 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 5

2012 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 5

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