Latest News 2011Edit

  • Monday: Big wins by Cage the Elephant, ZZ Top, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Rolling Stones drop round 1 again.
  • Tuesday: (6) Nirvana, (3) G'N'R, and (6) Papa Roach all drop. Shinedown holds on. The Who beat The Boss in extreme overtime.
  • Wednesday: The Killers move off the winless list, Korn upsets Stone Temple Pilots, and The Foo Fighers become the first band to advance to round 3.
  • Steven Tyler of Aerosmith called the radio station because he had heard about M-M-Rch Madness, and was interviewed by Pierre for 6 or 7 minutes. The people of Philadelphia respond by putting Aerosmith over Led Zeppelin!
  • Thursday: Tool defeats Pearl Jam yet again in a heartfelt loss, Disturbed avenges their quarterfinal loss in '06 against Godsmack. The Offspring upset Green Day.
  • Friday: The great eight is determined, and it will not include Pink Floyd! Alice in Chains is upset by RHCP, and Shinedown and Rush post near misses against giants in their region.
  • Monday: Little surprise comes out of the quarterfinals, as Metallica, Tool, and Aerosmith move past Bon Jovi, RHCP, and Queen. Linkin Park bests the Foo Fighters, but in a surprise upset goes on to knock out Metallica. Aerosmith does their part and takes out Tool. And thus the finals are set...
  • By a margin of 10%, Linkin Park is blown out in the finals and your MMRch Madness Champions of 2011 are...AEROSMITH!