Rush is one of many bands that would be infinitely more successful if only they didn't have to deal with Metallica, who has finished them off four times. The prog rock trio had a deep run in 2008, advancing to the quarterfinals, but their most impressive finish was in 2010 when they held on as all the other players in the 80's got out of the way, ultimately crushing Iron Maiden to win the Division before just barely losing to Tool.

Some best-known songs: Tom Sawyer, Limelight, The Spirit of Radio

Tournament HistoryEdit

Current record: 12-7

2006 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 13

2007 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 5

2008 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 11

2009 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 9

2010 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 6

  • Round 5: Loss vs Tool (90's region)

2011 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 6

2012 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 4

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