The Rolling Stones are handily the biggest disappointment of M-M-Rch Madness. They've lost every year in round 1 to some distinctly inferior opponents...or are they? Are the Stones really just not that popular? At least their '10 loss was to Skynyrd and not David Bowie...

Some best-known songs: Satisfaction, Start Me Up, Give Me Shelter

Tournament HistoryEdit

Current record: 1-7

2006 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 1

2007 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 3

2008 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 5

2009 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 3

2010 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 7

2011 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 1

  • Round 1: Loss vs (16) ZZ Top

2012 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 2

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