U2 has met modest success in the tournament, but generally underperformed, considering they had never been seeded below #3 prior to 2011.

Some best-known songs: Sunday Bloody Sunday, Where the Streets Have No Name, One

Tournament HistoryEdit

Current record: 7-7

U2 has beaten Talking Heads twice, lost twice to Genesis, and has gone 1-2 against Ozzy.

2006 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 1

2007 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 2

  • Round 2: Win vs (7) AC/DC

2008 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 2

2009 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 2

2010 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 3

2011 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 8

2012 tournamentEdit

Seeded: 4

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